Looking for a Bespoke Component Solution? Get in touch

Looking for a Bespoke Component Solution? Get in touch








Hi there 👋

Welcome to Hallen Engineering Ltd. Looking for a custom component made to order? drop us a message & we will get back to you shortly.

Customer FAQ

How do I place an order?

All major credit cards are accepted as well as being able to telephone your order through as we accept card payments over the phone. Bank transfers are also accepted

Do I need an account?

No, orders are accepted as above

How do I know my order has been received?

An email response will be sent directly to you

Is VAT included?

It is added and displayed seperately within the cart & checkout

Can I search for an item?

Yes, you can use the search key or navigate through the products as they are shown on each page

Can I add to an existing order?

Yes, please call us on 0121 556 3324 and we will be happy to help

What if there is something wrong with my order?

Any queries regarding your order will gladly be dealt with on 0121 556 3324

Are my credit card details secure?

We use a highly secure encryption method and our financial partners have a highly secure server. Our privacy policy also ensures we do not store any credit card details or share them with any third parties

What if none of the above answers my questions?

For any further info you may require about your order or the company, please call 0121 556 3324

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