Looking for a Bespoke Component Solution? Get in touch

Looking for a Bespoke Component Solution? Get in touch








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Here we supply a wide range of precision components from all sizes of ferrules in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.  Standard and non-standard Barrel Nipples are also supplied in a wide range of sizes and materials. Many of the other components we supply in this market are bespoke precision parts tailored to our customer needs. Threaded and Tapped Pipe work fittings are a major part of our expertise.

Gas & Heating

We currently supply many companies with precision parts for Gas meters etc., including Taper Males and Liners. Custom made Barrel Nipples feature highly in the market too. Ferrules are another major part of our offering in sizes from as small as 1” dia up to 6” dia. Part of our attraction in this field is our ability to produce in relatively smaller quantities including prototypes etc.


There are many applications we supply in this industry as a tier 2 supplier meeting all the requirements and demands of the Automotive marketplace. We are currently involved in the production of parts used in exhaust assemblies all the way through to parts used as engine mounts for Mercedes.


Along with the Automotive market sector, we are also heavily involved in the rail industry, producing parts used in Buffers and Pads. Also used are precision parts for the braking systems and anti-vibration devices.


Using various grades of Stainless Steel we manufacture many precision parts one such part is used as an injector for fillings in cakes and doughnuts etc. Other parts we supply are used in fluid transfer equipment where precision and cleanliness are paramount.


By working closely with our customer on design and specification we now manufacture and assemble purpose built couplings for the construction industry.

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