Looking for a Bespoke Component Solution? Get in touch

Looking for a Bespoke Component Solution? Get in touch








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Welcome to Hallen Engineering Ltd. Looking for a custom component made to order? drop us a message & we will get back to you shortly.


Pressing, Forming and Swaging

Formed, Pressed and Swage Formed tubular components are manufactured on our fully programmable hydraulic press solutions, with hydraulic cushion/ejector.

Working with a variety of leading tool makers allows us to offer tooling across a great range of complexities and price points.  

We have a range of presses available from 10 Tonne up to 160 Tonne capacity.

CNC Turned Parts

A range of CNC machines enable manufacture of precision components which can be profiled, cut to length and/ or threaded from 10mm diameter to 150mm.

Threads up to 6″ Diameter in NPT / BSPP / BSPT / UNC

Victaulic fittings are available

Tapping, Chamfering and Threading

A series of dedicated Voucher threading machines using the Landis chaser system provides external threading form 1/8″ to 2″ in various threading systems including BSPP / NPT & BSPT. Internal threads are produced by two Tapmatic system heads

Cutting and End Finishing

Fully automatic saws cut Carbon steels, Aluminium and Stainless,  from 10mm to 200mm diameter. Indexing functions allow for multiple pitches per cut giving accuracy even over longer lengths i.e. up to 2 meters long

Tube ends can be de-burred using automated de-burring machines which include a washing facility.

Additional Processes

Through one or a combination of the above solutions and additional processes such as packing, in process assembly, Impact Printing and a range of subcontract finishes such as heat treatment, shot blasting, laser cutting, galvanising, zinc plating, powder coating, oil and pickling, Hallen can ensure your components will be manufactured to meet your requirements.

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